Looking for a job is not an easy task and if you add to that the fact of doing it in a new city, things get complicated. However, in Flowabroad we are optimistic and believe there is a chance for you in this wonderful city and we will help you find it. Regardless of your professional profile, starting your new life in Malaga is a good idea and we will prove it you. 

And why is it a good idea you say? Because in addition to the warm Mediterranean climate, its delicious food and good people, this Andalusian city has many employment possibilities. In Malaga, as in other cities in the south, tourism and sunshine reign practically all year round, helps to ensure that there are many job opportunities. Moreover, tourism and services are considered the main source of income and comprise 65% of job offers. Even though we advise you to learn Spanish as soon as possible, not all jobs require it. But if you speak several languages, your chances of finding a job increase.


Work possibilities in Malaga

Another good news is that, thanks to tourism, there is a huge variety offer of part-time jobs, which are an ideal option to start working in a new city. The unemployment rate in Malaga is still high, but this should not frighten you, because it´s still lower than other cities in the Andalusian region, making it the best option for expats. As we have already mentioned, there are many employment possibilities in tourism and services, due to the privileged location of the Costa del Sol.

Since 1988 local authorities have increasingly encouraged the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises at the Andalucía Technology Park, boosting the region’s international image. Malaga has evolved a lot in recent years and is positioned as one of the most promising regions beyond Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, especially in the IT field. Take a look at the main portals of job offers such as Infojobs or Indeed (you can access the links at the end of the post).

We will guide you in all the process personally and free of charge!


Jobs in Costa del Sol

Thus, you can have an overview of the current employment panorama in the city and once you have it, is where we come in to help you.  We do not promise that you will get a job, but we do guarantee that we will use all our experience and knowledge to guide you. Through our form, email or our social networks, you can contact our team, so that you can find a job in Malaga as soon as possible according to your preferences.


And, if you need to find accommodation, do not hesitate in taking a glance at our post on expat accommodation in Malaga, which will give you an idea of any queries or advice you might have. Whether you are a student or you come for work to live in Malaga, we will help you find the place you are looking for free of charge and adapted to your needs. At Flowabroad we believe in new beginnings and yours starts with us in Málaga, are you in?


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