We know that moving to a new city and sometimes starting from scratch in it can be expensive. But that’s not why you’re going to stop enjoying all the beauty that this town has to offer, is it?At Flowabroad we want you to be able to discover the city of Malaga without affecting your pocket. So let’s get it on, here are our 7 top plans that you can do without spending money.


1. Beachlife, best Life

Let’s start by taking a bath, cheap and refreshing. With the arrival of spring the temperatures are getting higher and higher. What better plan than to take a bath in the warm beaches that surround the city? If you don’t want to get too far away, you can go to the Malagueta, the most famous of Malaga’s beaches. There you can take a walk through its beautiful promenade and if you´re hungry eat in one of the many chiringuitos. 

Once we find the huge letters that make up the name of the beach in full sand, it will be time to choose a hole next to the shore, stretch our towel and throw ourselves like sirens to the sea. Another option is to go a little further and get close to the beaches of Pedregalejo and El Palo, the old fishing quarters of the city. Here you can also enjoy all the restaurants and chiringuitos and plenty of entertainment. El Rincón de la Victoria or Nerja have also beautiful beaches less crowded. 

Top free plans in Malaga - Flowabroad
Malagueta beach



2. Atarazanas Central Market

If you want to discover the real Malaga, you have to go to its famous market. There are few things more authentic about a city than its markets. Here you can feel the day-to-day life of the people of Malaga and enjoy their essence. This market is full of history, in fact throughout the times it has passed from being a Nazari shipyard, a hospital and even a barrack. Today you can take a walk through its many stands full of fruits, meat, fresh fish and vegetables. The market is very close to the center so it is quite easy and accessible to reach from here to the old town on foot.

Top free plans to do in Malaga - Flowabroad
Inside of the Atarazanas Market



3. Knowing Picasso and the Pompidou Centre

If you are more into cultural plans, relax, Malaga has a wide cultural offer waiting for you. Picasso’s name will always be linked to the name of this Andalusian city. The Picasso Museum is located right in the historic city centre in a beautiful old palace. Usually it costs 8€, but be smart people, you can have free access if you go the last two hours of every Sunday. In this museum you will enjoy the most important work of the artist such as another temporal exhibitions. 

The Pompidou Center  is another must of the cultural Málaga. Headquarter of the Georges Pompidou National Centre for Art and Culture in France is located in the Muelle Uno, the beautiful port of the city. Here you can only have a free pass if you´re unemployed or under 18, but the rate is quite affordable. In this artistic centre you can enjoy different fixed and temporary exhibitions by painters such as Joan Miró, Diego Rivera and Henri Matisse.

Pompidou - Top free plans to do in Malaga - Flowabroad
Pompidou Center in Muelle Uno



4. A walk through the city : Malaga historic center and the SoHo district with its street art

Since we are already in the center of the city, why don´t take a stroll through the historic streets of Malaga? The SoHo district is the trendy neighborhood of the city. A few years ago, the malagueños themselves decided to turn one of the city’s most forgotten neighbourhoods into a world artistic reference point.  Art is also present in the buildings of this part of the city that were decorated with real works of art by graffiti artists from all over the world. Boamistura, Dface or Obey are some of the world-famous artists who have left their mark on the city of Malaga. So prepare your camera, because there’s a graffiti tour by Streetart in Malaga, where you can discover all the underground pieces and it’s quite affordable. 

There is something special about walking through the streets of Málaga, specially in this time of year when the Spring is already here. Going down Larios Street, enjoying the street stalls and the light and smells that the city gives off is priceless. Such as contemplating the Roman Theatre or the majestic Cathedral of Malaga right in the city centre. As you can see there´s a lot to do here without spending any money.

Streetart - Top free plans to do in Malaga - Flowabroad
Dface and Obey in Soho district

5. Best views of Málaga: Visiting The Alcazaba and Gibralfaro



There are a few viewpoints where you can take some awesome pictures of Malaga, but our favorite is located in one of the most famous landamarks of the city: The Alacazaba fortress and the Gibralfaro castle. It´s the most typical panoramic view of the city, and from these two viewpoints you can see dreamlike sunrises and sunsets. That´s why it’s always full of people and tourist.

Both monuments are on the top of a hill where you can have a great look and also enjoy the real history of Malaga. This is a great plan to do on Sundays, because here´s a little tip, on this day you can access to the fortress and the castle for free from 2 p. m. until closing time. If you don´t have a car you can take the bus 35 in Paseo del Parque. The viewpoint is open 24h so you can go whenever you want and for this you can go up walking through several paths.


Alcazaba- Top free plans to do in Malaga - Flowabroad
Alcazaba from Malaga


6. Botanic Garden and parks

We have to admit that this is one of our favourite plans to do in Málaga without spending money. Malaga has numerous parks which are free to access. Most of them have centuries of history, others have an interesting collection of plant species and some are even inspired by exotic places. The most famous ones are the Botanic Garden of la Concepción and the Park of la Alameda.

For the first one you have to pay, but on Sundays there is a free pass, so you can visit it´s rare plant collection and its beautiful gardens and fonts without spending money. The Park of la Alameda, right next to the Muelle Uno is the artery of the city and it´s open 24h so you can go whenever you want. This is the perfect plan for those specially hot days when you need some relief of the sun and you can chill in this «oasis» in the middle of the city. 

Botanic Garden - Top free plans to do in Malaga - Flowabroad
Botanic Garden of La Concepción


7. Muelle Uno and Malaga´s lighthouse

Last but not least, we can´t finish this list of free plans in Málaga without going to its famous Muelle Uno located in the harbour of the city. The port of Malaga is one of the oldest in the world, with around three thousand years, and has also become the second largest cruise terminal in the country. Every day, hundreds of tourists arrive to visit the city of Málaga, starting, of course, with its Muelle Uno.

In the last ten years this port has changed a lot and has been modernized. It offers one of the most beautiful views of Malaga with the Ferris wheel and the cathedral in the background. And at the end you arrive at the impressive lighthouse of the city better known as La Farola. Through the harbour you can also enjoy its many restaurants and shops, but for that, of course, you have to spend some money.

Muelle Uno - Top free plans to do in Malaga - Flowabroad
Muelle Uno


So as you can see there´s a lot that you can do in this beautiful city without spending too much money. Malaga is waiting for you, are you coming? If you need more reasons for moving to Malaga, take a look to this post and we will try to convince you!