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Málaga is the best place to live and in Flowabroad we will prove it to you! 

If you are thinking of moving to Spain, Malaga is probably the best option to start your new adventure. But we´re not the only ones that say it, Malaga is one of the ten best European cities to live, even before Madrid and Barcelona. And it’s no wonder considering the beauty of this country. In addition to be the second largest city in Andalusia after Sevilla, it is also becoming a cultural and commercial hub, mixing traditional and modern influences. If you want a quiet life but also live in a cosmopolitan city with a lot of outdoor activities, Malaga is your place to be

Thousands of expats disembark in  Malaga to enjoy its famous museums, it’s delicious tapas and the friendliness of its people. Malaga is synonymous with quality of life and perhaps it is because of its privileged location on the warm Costa del Sol or because of the kindness of its people who will always welcome you with a smile. But what is clear is that those who visit the city don’t want to leave or come back to stay for a while.


The weather and the people 

In Malaga the weather is very good, it sounds like a cliché, but it is still a luxury to be able to enjoy the sun up to 300 days a year. The average temperature is around 19 degrees and that allows a lot of outdoor life in the city of Málaga. Let us not deceive ourselves, it is not the same waking up and see shining sun through the window than rain and cold. You get up with good vibes instantly.

And with this good weather, how can people of Malaga not be nice? The malagueño will treat you as if he’d known you all his life since minute one. Get ready to have a great time on long party nights, at the chiringuitos or even at the Pharmacy where you can engage in a conversation as if you were just another local.

Living in Malaga - Flowabroad
«Espetero» in one of the many «chiringuitos» of Malaga


Finding a place to stay in Málaga

Finding a nice and cheap place to live in Málaga has become increasingly difficult due to holiday rentals. However, there are still many interesting districts outside of the city centre where you can still find affordable housing and, unlike most coastal towns. But for the first few weeks we recommend you find a short-term accommodation such as a hostel or a shared room.

At Flowabroad we can help you find the perfect accommodation in Malaga from your hometown. There are many accommodation options for expats in Malaga. You only must have patience and criteria, but trust us, because we will help you to find your place in our city according to your preferences. 

Living in Malaga - Flowabroad
Calle Marqués de Larios. Málaga, Andalusia, Spain.


Working in Málaga

The first thing you need to realize about working in Málaga is that if you’re not working for an established company, get used to short-term contracts, ever-changing work-environments and working in sectors you are over or underqualified for. Bar and restaurant work are probably the most consistent, which can be improved by working for big players such as Marbella’s Nikki Beach resort. When you move to Malaga without a job, you must get used to job-hopping for the first months until you find something stable. 

But here`s a good thing, Malaga has the lowest unemployment rate in Andalusia. In addition, its potential investment in tourism and industry encourages more and more work. So, don´t worry you´ll be able to find a good job eventually, you just must be patient and trust us in this, it´s all worth it. At Flowabroad we recommend that you find out about your professional field before arriving. We can advise and guide you according to your preferences. In our post about work in Málaga you will find more information. 

Living in Malaga - Flowabroad


When shall I move to Málaga?

If you’re looking to move to Málaga, the best time to do so is in spring – after Semana Santa (Easter festivities)– or in late fall, between October and November. May, June, July, August and even September count as the high season here in Spain, meaning rent prices go up immensely. As we have already told you, Malaga is sunny almost 300 days a year, so get ready to enjoy spring weather in the middle of winter.



The Language

The Andalusian dialect is a whole other language in itself. To the foreign ear, it sounds even faster than regular Spanish and half of almost every word is swallowed, leaving you to guess what its original state could have possibly been. For example: hasta luego (see you later) becomes taluego, nada (nothing) becomes na’. But, relax it´s easier once you get it. 

Although you will have no trouble moving around speaking English, we advise you to sign up for Spanish lessons when you arrive in Malaga. In Flowabroad we work with some academies in the city, so don’t hesitate to contact us. With time and patience, you will get used to the malagueñan accent and you will be able to feel like another local. In the meantime, don’t worry, as we told you, you won’t have a problem speaking English in the tourist areas unless you’re in a small inland village.


Living in Malaga - Flowabroad

As you can see, there are many reasons to come and live in Malaga. So, don’t hesitate and contact us because at Flowabroad we are happy to help you start your new adventure. You can send us your request through the form on the web, through our social networks or the following email: We will advise you for free and according to your preferences. 



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