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Studying abroad is probably one of the most enriching and life changing experiences anyone could have. But why choosing Málaga for that purpose? There are a lot of reasons to study in Malaga, but in Flowabroad we have select 5  reasons to prove you that it´s your place to be even if you don´t know it yet.

The Costa del Sol has the best quality of life, in fact the INE puts the malagueñan province as one of the preferred destinations right before Madrid and the Balearic Islands.  Besides the sunny weather year-round, delicious food and friendly people, Málaga has many opportunities for students all over the world. Let’s get started!



1. The weather 

Okey, this reason is obvious. But with an average of 19 degrees per year, it’s mild climate and pleasant atmosphere will permit you to do almost any plan. In Málaga there is sunny almost 300 days a year, which makes it a perfect destination regardless of the time of year. Of course it rains sometimes, but the rest of the year offers a ideal climate that makes worth it. And look, it’s not the same to wake up and see the sun shining behind the window as it is to dawn with rain every day, right?

Studying in Malaga

2. The friendly malagueños and the language

It´s a fact that the classic malagueño is very frindly and kind and will treat you as they knew you from long time before. Maybe it´s the warm weather that makes everybody happier or the smooth andalusian way, but one thing is clear, here you can enjoy some quality of life. And if you don´t speak Spanish, keep calm, because thanks to the turism you won´t have any problem by moving with English. Except if you´re going to a small village, where you probably will need to speak some Spanish if you want them to understand you.

Although you can move speaking English without any problem (it can be actually a plus if you are also going to work in tourism or hotels) we recommend that you sign up for Spanish classes as soon as you arrive. In Flowabroad we can put you in contact with some of the best language schools in town. In this academies they will teach you according to your level so that soon you can speak like one of the locals. And it´s the best place to meet other expats that are in the same situation like you.

3. Life in Malaga is quite affordable

We all know that as a student this is a very important matter, but don´t worry, because as long as you don’t go into the golden mile of Marbella, your pocket shouldn’t be afraid. In fact, the price of food and alcohol is likely to surprise you favorably, as well as the quality of the food. As for accomodation, you can take a look to our post where we talk about it. If you´re thinking of moving to Malaga and need somwhere to crash Flowabroad can help you with that.

As a student you have several options of accomodation. You can stay in one shared student flat with one or two bedrooms, where you can meet other international students. Here you have to know that the high season (July and August) the prices are higher than in the rest of the year. Another option is to live with a local family, in which case you´ll have an experience with a greater linguistic immersion. We can put you in contact with this families so that you can organize your stay from your hometown. Of course, living with a family will also teach you the customs and traditions of the malagueños. Both alternatives are perfect to have a great time in Málaga.


4. Fun, party and leisure for everybody

There’s something special about this city that makes those who arrive fall in love and don’t want to leave. Maybe it is the quality of life, the good people, the good food or the andalusian lifestyle, but one thing is clear, here you can enjoy some quality of life. If you’re a student you will have a great time, because is a city full of life and very open minded.

If one thing you´re going to have in Malaga is fun and party, they love a good fiesta and it usually last until the next morning. The malagueños find any excuse to party. Besides the local festivities such as the Semana Santa (Easter) or the famous Feria of Málaga (during Summer), the nightlife of Costa del Sol is very popular in Spain. But you should know that the party is quite different in Marbella where you can find more fancy places to go out. In Malaga the night begins with some tapas, the Spaniards usually go from bar to bar eating and drinking ´til they go out to one of the many discos in the city. With the smooth weather you can also have some drinks in the fancy rooftops of town where you can enjoy the stunning views.

Studying in Malaga - Flowabroad

5. Stunning beaches and mountains

It has sea of course and that´s a pretty nice reason to live in Malaga. Its stunning 150 kilometers of coast have beautiful beaches that are the envy of all Spain. And what better plan than to enjoy the warmth and the beach? I mean, the beach probably makes any plan better, right? What is better than a cold beer or wine in one of the many chiringuitos with good company and the sound of the sea in the background? We recommend you to visit the charming white villages around Malaga province where you will pleased with his less crowded beaches. If you´re a mountain lover though, Malaga offers also great trekking adventures. You can discover  a amazing and incomparables views during your hikes in different spots like The Rock of Lovers near Antequera. And mountain villages such as Mijas or Frigiliana that have a special charm.


Studying in Malaga - Flowabroad

So, if you´re thinking of sutyding in Málaga don´t think it twice, you can trust us to help you with the process according to your preferences and free of charge of course. Don´t hesitate on writing us a message in our home with your requirement and we will contact you to make your adventure abroad in Málaga flow. You can also visit our social media profiles, where you can also reach us and see how can we help you. And, of course if you have any doubts or needs we’re happy to assist you.

           Your adventure abroad is in Málaga and we will help you make it happen.